Review Montana Freedom- Natasza Waters

Montana Freedom (Brotherhood Protectors)

 5 of 5 stars

This series is a new venture for Natasza Waters and I loved it! A little humor, a lot of suspense, and an eloquent writing style that beautifully draws the reader into the story.

“She smiled when it occurred to her that no matter if she tilled every last square inch of the thousand acre ranch, she’d never have to worry about an IED or daisy chain hidden in the dirt. There wasn’t a sniper perched in some tree branch, steadying his aim. Her heart ached for the angst and unrest in the Middle East where the citizens couldn’t trust their neighbors. The night held dangers with raids by ISIS warriors. Fear captured more space in the villagers’ conscious, never allowing peace a chance.
Afghanistan, where she left her last FST post, was a country of tears.”
I’ve read all of Ms. Waters books and I can safely say I think this is her best work to date, in a string of 5 star novels. How do you top the best? I can’t wait to see in the next one.


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