Update- Bear With Me

This title has become prophetic- as I have to ask you, my readers- Bear With Me. My hope for an April release of book 5 is lost. With my dad’s stroke and then his passing I lost weeks of writing time and unfortunately, I am still not writing…sorry guys, but my characters are on hiatus.

When I lost my mom I couldn’t write for almost two months afterward. I hope and pray I will recover more quickly this time, but for now- I opened the book on Monday, read the last few paragraphs I had written, and stared at the page. I know where the story line is going, but the words won’t come. My brain and my heart are just too numb.

My house is too quiet. I cry when I see sardines in the aisle of the grocery store. Last night was the series finale of Bones. Daddy loved that show. We watched re-runs of it together every day. I watched it alone last night and saved it to my DVR as save until I delete because I can’t bear to see it gone. All I could think while I watched the episode was, we should be watching this together, daddy. I’m watching for you, too.

Each day I clear out a few more things from the house, gradually erasing daddy’s day to day presence from our lives. But his empty chair sits and mocks me, and each time the bright red cardinal comes to the bird feeder outside my front window, I stop and say. “There he is, daddy.” Because every day daddy would point him out to me, always so happy to see the bright little creature.

So, once again I ask you, Bear With Me. I promise I will finish this book as soon as I am able to give it the attention it deserves.

Hugs to you all. Tell the people you love you love them today. Tomorrow is not a promise, today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.


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