Why you get so old?

I love the movie My Fat Greek Wedding, and lately this line has really been resonating with me. In the movie it’s comical, because our heroine is NOT old. I am the other hand, am feeling every one of my fifty-two years…I am a Nana, grandma to two adorable grandsons, Tristan and Aiden. But in my heart and head I still feel young. Why is my body not cooperating?

I’m writing this on Thursday, but on Friday when it posts, I am going for my dreaded Mammogram, and just to add to the fun- a bone scan also! Yeah me! My hips have been killing me lately, and my hands cramping up and freezing. I have osteoarthritis, so they want to check for osteoporosis, big fun.

Those of you that follow me on social media might have seen my post this week. If not…I am also battling Gillian-barre syndrome, AKA mono. I have had it before, and according to my beloved doctor, I am one of the rare few that has the recurring form. (You all know I am special)

That being said, I am not progressing on Bear With Me at the speed I would like. I am still hoping for an April release, but I can’t promise you it will happen. My energy level is super low, sometimes just getting out of bed is a challenge, but I am trying. However, I’d rather make you wait and make sure you’re getting my best work, than push to finish and not have the book be all it could be. I hope y’all understand that.

Would you like a sneak peak at the beginning of Bear With Me?

Ivan Volkov slouched in the corner of his overstuffed sofa and stared into his glass of honey beer. As each bubble rose to the surface of the amber liquid and popped, another memory slipped free from his subconscious. He’d hidden them there, safe from the light of day, and his own accountability. His method of coping with an untenable situation, but now he had to face them.

Closing his eyes, he remembered the first time he had met his mate. Heart aching with pain, he let the memory come.

January, five years ago.

Ivan, Anton, Viktor and Sascha had accompanied Sebastian to the regional meeting of shifter leaders in Charlottesburg. As a general rule, shifters were not social creatures outside of their own packs, prides, clans, etc. They tended to fight over everything. Therefore, the shifter council had been established to deal with the problems. Once every two years, all the shifter leaders in each region met to discuss their grievances. In Ivan’s opinion, it caused more problems than it alleviated, but no one asked him.

As they entered the conference room, they met the Sippe Leiter from their neighboring bear shifter clan, or Sippe as liked to call themselves. Bern Helms and his entourage. Among them, a young guard named Hans Gruber. Ivan had laughed to himself when he first heard the name. The bear sharing the name of the villain from the Die Hard movies. However, this bear was probably two hundred years old or more, so he certainly had the name long before the movie character. He wondered if the others teased him about the coincidence until he actually saw the bear.

Six foot six inches tall and over three hundred pounds, he doubted anyone would have the nerve to tease this bear about anything. His breath caught in his throat when his eyes locked with the deep caribbean blue of the guard. Blond hair fell in a soft wave across his forehead, a square jaw, outlined in blond scruff was set in a stern line, full lips tipped up slightly at the corners in a cocky, mocking smile.

Ivan had to step closer, and when he did it hit him—a scent that went straight to his groin. Cedar and leather. His wolf growled Mate and the man in him groaned. No! The fates couldn’t be that cruel. His couldn’t be a bear, he was a wolf. An alpha wolf. He could never dominate a bear, and his wolf would never take a subservient position. Add to that this bear was from a rival clan. The Helms Sippe and the Von Drake Pack weren’t exactly enemies, but they certainly weren’t friends. Ivan and Hans were both part of the inner circle for their leaders. Neither one would be willing to leave their position. It was an impossible mating.

Ivan saw the flare in Hans’ eyes when he caught his scent too. He knew Hans recognized him as Mate also. Ivan locked his face into a blank mask and turned away. He whispered into Sebastian’s ear that he felt ill and made a hasty exit to his hotel room to hide.

God, he was a coward.

This is unedited, so please excuse any mistakes.





I hope this missive finds you all in better shape than me. LOL. And please remember- get your mammograms! They may suck, but they are important!


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