Life Happens

If you follow me on Facebook you know this is one of my favorite songs. It always struck me as so true, as life goes on our dreams and goals change with the events that happen around us. Sometimes for the better, sometimes with obstacles to overcome. But I always say, when God closes a door he opens a window.

Last week my life got rocked once again. My 82 year old father had a mini-stroke. My dad lives with me. He has for the last three years. We lost my mom two years ago to cancer, but my dad’s health had always been wonderful. In fact, we often laughed because he only takes one pill a day, while I take 16.

If you saw my father you would never guess his age. The nurses in the hospital even remarked to me how shocked they were when he said he was 82. Even after suffering the effects of the stroke they thought he was in his 60’s!

We were very lucky and Dad’s stroke was very minor. He had some facial paralysis, and some numbness in his right hand, but no weakness and he was able to walk and use his right arm. I’m writing this on Tuesday, January 31 and it’s been exactly one week since he had the stroke. Amazingly, he almost back to normal. His speech is still a tiny bit slurred, but 100 % better than a week ago. I am astonished at the recovery, and so grateful.

However, now we have to make some lifestyle changes, especially where it comes to diet. I’ve always tried to cook healthy meals, but my stubborn father is a salt addict. He added salt to everything I cooked. Now he is on a low-salt diet and fighting me every step of the way- “Food has no taste without salt” he grumbles. And while my husband and I research low-salt recipes, daddy says, “Lets not go overboard on this salt thing, 30 MG is ridiculous, food has no taste.”

So, what’s a daughter to do? My daddy as as stubborn as twenty mules. I’ve had to take away his favorite foods, pre-packaged Hormel breakfast meals he ate every day, lunch-meat, cheese, miracle whip… the list goes on and on. It’s hard to find breakfast and lunch foods to eat. He can’t have eggs only egg whites or egg substitute and he says they taste like saw dust. lol. No white bread, no canned food. (check the sodium content on your foods, it’s awful!)

So, if you haven’t seen me on social media much lately, now you know why. I’ve been researching low sodium recipes, taking daddy to doctors appointments and grocery shopping!

I have found some good slow cooker recipes and I will be posting then on Recipe Wednesdays. If you all have a recipe suggestions, please post them in the comments!





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